Gutsweinschaenke Till E.
Gutsweinschänke Till E. • Schloßstraße 10 • 56856 Zell/Mosel • Tel.: 06542 5227 • Fax: 06542 5254 • E-Mail:

"Zeller Schwarze Katz"

koch_glocke_100x165Gutsweinschänke Till E. wine is presented to you exclusively from our vineyard.
The wine is from outstanding quality, rich, fruitly, light, with a maximum of taste.

The secret of our success is the cultivation of steep hills and careful processing,
of where our vineyards lays, right after the grape harvest.

Our vineyard represents the perfect balance between tradition and technology.
There are many ways to produce wine.
The higher the expense the better is the natural quality.

This depends on the vineyard, from the style of the wine-grower,
the right decision to grow, the art of precision and effectiveness of the cellar economy.

ttill_e_und_flasche_100x143This wine should be especially noted: Till E., the mascot of our house, gives our tasteful dry Moselriesling its name. The advantage of our high value wine comes foam the different
mixtures of grounds types.

We recommend
The different quality of top wins for all situations.
This offer of our wine can be tasted by a wine tasting in our house or can read our current
wine listing.

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