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1996 erwarben wir das damals seit 15 Jahren leerstehende Haus aus der Zeit des Art Deco (1925).
Wir erhalten das heute denkmalgeschützte Gebäude mit der grösstenteils authentischen Wandbemalung ganz im Stil seiner Entstehungszeit.

Hier warten fünf stilvoll und individuell eingerichtete Doppelzimmer auf Sie.

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Vacation in Zell Mosel

We acquired this house in 1996, out of the Art Deco era (1925). We renovated the today´s historical persevered building entirely in the style of its origin time, renovating the authentic wall drawings in some rooms.

Our romantic city Zell (Mosel) lies in one of the most beautiful river landscapes in the middle of the well known area "Zeller Schwarze Katz". This area offers you a multitude of hiking footpaths for sightseeing and landmarks. The city lays in one of the most special river bend that wraps around a mountain and on top stands the "Marienburg". From there the Mosel can be seen from both sides. The following activities are possible in this are: swimming, bike riding, mountainbiking, hiking, nordic-walking,rowing,tennis,mini gulf and may more.

Here awaits you five stylish and individual established double rooms. All our rooms include bathroom, telephone and satellite TV.